Florida’s Rick Scott Draws Red Line For Biden – Visit The Border, Or We’ll Block All Of Your DHS Nominations

Many Republicans on Capitol Hill have been annoyed with the Biden administration’s apparent unwillingness to address the border issue. Border authorities have also expressed frustration.

As the foreign traveler surge continues, it seems like Biden’s team isn’t doing much to stem the tide. Democrat leaders continue to spread the message that the border problem is exaggerated.

But one Florida Republican says enough is enough.

Sen. Rick Scott has given President Biden a warning, and if POTUS doesn’t want to deal with the consequences, he’ll have to respond.

Up until now, America hasn’t seen much of Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris at the border. In fact, border officials say they haven’t seen either the President or VP since the crisis began.

Of course, the White House still doesn’t like to call the southern border issue a “crisis.”

But as far as Sen. Scott and many other right-wing politicos are concerned, that’s exactly what it is. And unless Biden shows the country that he’s concerned, his plans might hit a roadblock.

From Fox News:

Florida Republican Sen. Rick Scott announced Thursday he will slow up all Homeland Security nominations until President Biden makes a trip to the southern border.

In a committee hearing, Scott said his decision was not a reflection of their qualifications but a show of protest to the White House’s refusal to refer to the surge of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border as a ‘crisis.’

The Senator didn’t ask for Biden to take any specific action; he just wants the President to show some interest. And then he will “hopefully take more action.”

To be clear, Scott’s warning doesn’t have any impact on Biden’s current nominations: John Tien for deputy secretary, Jonathan Meyer for general counsel, and Robert Silvers for undersecretary for strategy, policy and plans.

But Republicans can slow up the approval process.

And even if the nominations go through, this is yet another strong statement by the GOP: they won’t stop calling out the Biden administration for failing to act on the border situation.

As Scott said in a statement:

The policies Biden and Harris have implemented are endangering our brave Border Patrol agents and Americans on the frontlines of our border communities and throughout our entire nation.

If Biden refuses to help those risking their lives every day to keep us safe, and put an end to a humanitarian crisis he has recklessly created, I can’t allow his nominees to move forward in an expedited fashion.

Technically, VP Harris is in charge of addressing the “root causes” that have led to the large border surge.

America hasn’t seen or heard much from Harris since that time, though. And currently, the migrant flow continues with very little in the way of deterrents.

This is precisely why so many citizens view the border problem as one of the biggest issues we face today. Millions of Americans demand answers and more than that, they demand action.

That’s want Sen. Scott wants to see from Biden: action.

Source: Fox News

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