Federal Judge Rules Against Joe Biden – He Just Blocked Joe’s Executive Order To Stop Trump Deportations

In Joe Biden’s first week in office, he signed a flood of executive orders. More than any president by a longshot.

Most of them were aimed at rolling back Trump’s work—proving Biden isn’t all that concerned with “uniting” Americans.

But if he thought it would be easy to undo everything Trump’s done, he’s crazier than we thought.

Because one of his biggest moves was just blocked by a judge.

From Fox News:

A federal judge on Tuesday temporarily blocked President Biden’s attempt to put a moratorium on deportations for 100 days.

After Texas sued over the policy, the judge blocked Biden, via a temporary restraining order, from moving forward for 14 days.

A federal judge in Texas temporarily blocked Biden’s attempt to stop all deportations for 100 days. The judge blasted Biden, saying his administration could not properly give cause for this sudden change in policy.

Right now, Democrats are fuming over this “abuse” of judicial power. Boo-hoo.

From the moment Trump entered the White House, Democrats launched endless lawsuits against his agenda.

Often, Obama-appointed judges would try to undermine Trump’s lawful authority.

Should they really be surprised to see conservatives fight to counter Biden’s unlawful attempts to undermine our laws?

Biden gave no credible reason to halt these deportations, especially during a national crisis. It was one of many demands he dictated in his first week in office.

The man who once criticized overusing executive orders has signed more than Obama, Bush, or Trump in their first weeks.

This lawsuit wasn’t just Texas fighting back, it was a necessary step to curb Biden’s out-of-control power grab.

More lawsuits might be needed to stop Biden from ruling by fiat.

Do you want to see federal judges counter Biden’s administration?

Source: Fox News

and gopdailybrief.

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