Federal Judge Freezes President Biden’s Program – He Stamps An Injunction On Joe’s Plan To Excludes White Farmers

During his campaign, Joe Biden promised recovery for America with his “Build Back Better” slogan.

But it seems he wanted to build back, but for only certain Americans.

Plenty of people were shocked to learn that Biden wanted to bail out farmers struggling after the pandemic… but only minority farmers.

Biden previously wanted to limit loans given to white farmers. On top of that, his “rescue plan” provided $4 billion to any farmer, who isn’t white.

This launched numerous lawsuits. And in a third ruling, Biden’s plans were shut down.

From Daily Wire:

A third judge last week struck down the Biden administration’s multi-billion-dollar farm aid program that expressly excludes whites…

“U.S. District Court Judge S. Thomas Anderson of the Western District of Tennessee issued a preliminary injunction to stop the Agriculture Department from delivering race-based loan payments under Section 1005 of the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan.”

A third judge ruled against Biden’s attempt to shell out $4 billion in debt relief to only non-white farmers.

Biden only wanted to provide relief to what he called “socially disadvantaged” farmers. The language specifically identified this group as “Black, American Indian/Alaskan Native, Hispanic, or Asian, or Hawaiian/Pacific Islander.”

Because, you know, only non-white farmers were hurt during the pandemic. Apparently, all the economic fallout from lockdowns didn’t affect white people.

In Biden’s brain (which seems to not be working), white farmers aren’t hurt when stores, restaurants, hotels, and schools stop buying their products.

Previously, two other judges ruled against Biden’s policy. A federal judge in Florida issued a preliminary injunction. Following that, a federal judge in Wisconsin ordered a temporary halt to the program.

I wonder how many more judges are going to rule against Biden’s race-based program?

Of course, Biden’s administration will try to find ways to push this program, regardless of how many judges rule against it. Until a judge completely shuts it down, Biden will push a policy that favors Americans based on their race.

This might even end up before the Supreme Court.

Source: Daily Wire

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