Federal Court Rules on Ted Cruz 1st Amendment Case – Versus The Federal Election Commission, Cruz Gets Victory

With Joe Biden and his cronies in D.C., there are very few conservative figures we can look to for leadership.

One of them is Sen. Ted Cruz, who has been battling the swamp for years.

But the swamp has always tried to fight back. This time, over his ability to fund his campaign.

Cruz challenged a law that benefited wealthy politicians. Despite going up against the FEC, he won.

From IJR:

On Thursday, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas won his battle with the Federal Election Commission over a law that limits a candidate’s ability to pay off personal loans made to a campaign…

“Today’s unanimous decision was a resounding victory for the First Amendment and free speech. The existing FEC rules benefited incumbent politicians and the super wealthy and they made it harder for challengers to run, and the court rightly struck them down as unconstitutional,” a spokesman for Cruz said in a statement to The Western Journal.

Ted Cruz won a battle against the FEC over a law that prevents candidates from paying off loans they make to their campaign.

The law in question did not let a candidate use post-election donations to pay off loans over $250,000. That means, a candidate who uses his own money to fund his campaign couldn’t get any of it back.

It put incumbents and super-wealthy politicians at an advantage. A newcomer, perhaps someone challenging the swamp, would not be able to self-fund their campaign, because they couldn’t afford to spend that much money.

Sen. Cruz did not think this law was acceptable. You can see how it favored the establishment and discouraged people from running for office–the very heart of our democracy.

The fact that a D.C. court gave Cruz this win is a milestone. It means that future candidates can run, without worries that a campaign would bankrupt them.

Democrats always talk about reforming campaign finance. They often complain about big corporations influencing politics through high-dollar donations.

Yet it’s Ted Cruz, a Republican, who took action to bring real campaign finance reform.

Almost as if Democrats… don’t really want to change the system?

Source: IJR

and https://gopdailybrief.com/

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