Federal Appeals Court Rules Against Biden – They Just Halted His Discrimination Order Handing Out Federal Aid

The 2020 crisis hit all Americans. Yet some politicians claim some people suffered more than others, because of their race.

Call me crazy, but I don’t think the virus cared about what color your skin was. And when society was shut down, nobody was able to function normally.

But when it came time to provide additional relief to businesses hit hard by lockdowns, Biden wanted to move certain people to the front of the line.

He set rules that gave women business owners and non-white business owners priority. White men had to wait for weeks—when the cash might have run out.

Now, a federal court is hammering Biden for discrimination.

From US News:

A federal appeals court ruled in favor of a conservative legal group that sought to stop President Joe Biden’s administration from giving priority status for COVID-19 relief to restaurants and bars owned by women and certain minorities.

The U.S. 6th Circuit Appeals Court issued a 2-1 opinion Thursday that said the government cannot allocate limited coronavirus relief funds based on race and sex. It issued an order for the government to stop using the criteria when processing an application from Antonio Vitolo, an East Tennessee restaurant owner.

It’s pretty shocking to think that our government would deny some restaurant owners aid, just because of their gender or race.

Various Civil Rights laws forbid the government from doing that very thing.

Yet Biden thought he could send some restaurant owners to the back of the line, just because they were the “wrong” kind of people.

Aren’t Democrats supposed to be the party of equality? Then, how can they justify this kind of discrimination?

Were white restaurant owners not forced to shut down? Were they immune from all those state-mandated lockdown orders?

Of course not. But in Biden’s tiny brain, non-white people are apparently more deserving of help.

A federal court did not think the same way. Thankfully, they called what Biden was doing what it was, discrimination.

And they ruled he could not treat some owners differently than others because of their race or gender.

While this is a victory, don’t be surprised if Biden or his cronies tries something like this again.

Source: US News

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