Donald Trump Tells Close Allies His 2024 Decision – Report Claims Former President Plans To Make A Run For It If His Health Holds Up

Ever since Donald Trump left the White House on January 20, countless people have speculated if he’d come back.

Even Democrats in the media have been wondering. After all, MSM has been starving for news (and views) ever since Trump returned to private life.

But the 45th president has made it very clear that his focus right now is on helping Republicans retake Congress in 2022.

What about the presidential election? He has stayed pretty quiet about that. Until now.

It seems there is one crucial factor that will decide his future plans.

From Politico:

Trump is confiding in allies that he intends to run again in 2024 with one contingency: That he still has a clean bill of health, two sources close to the ex-president have told me. Trump is going to dangle his potential bid over the GOP like a water balloon over a freshly styled head of hair.

According to reports, it seems that Trump is closely watching his health. As long as he has a “clean bill of health,” sources claim he’s all in for 2024.

The reason this is big news? It means he pretty much plans on running again.

If his health is his only concern, that means he’s ruled out every other factor that might discourage him.

Politics, rivalries, the state of the Biden administration. Opposition within the GOP. None of these things seem to be posing a problem for Trump to stage a comeback.

From all appearances, Trump continues to remain in good health. But he’ll be older in four years. And anything can happen.

I’m sure there are more than a few supporters confident he will be in tip-top shape by then. After all, this is a man who contracted COVID and came back roaring.

Not many people in their 70s can say that.

Plenty of speculation has been thrown around about Trump’s future in politics. Previously, we were told Trump was waiting to see the results of the 2022 midterms before deciding.

A lot is at stake in those elections. The balance of power in D.C. can turn dramatically, if Republicans retake the House and Senate.

And that would pave the way for Trump to return to the White House soon after.

But if this new report is true, Trump either thinks 2022 is already in the bag. Or he’s confident he can win, regardless.

Source: Politico

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