Donald Trump Plans Major Debut On Monday – He Will Be On The Air For Opening Episode Of Dan Bongino

All eyes have been on Donald Trump ever since he left office.

Even his critics and enemies eager watch for signs of his return. Social media might be trying to silence him, but Trump will not go away.

Some might argue people are more interested in what he has to say than ever before.

Any appearance, any speech, any interview, will be poured over by millions around the country.

And he just decided to make a big debut, by being the first guest on Rush Limbaugh’s successor’s show.

From Bongino:

The Dan Bongino radio show launches next Monday on May 24th, and will air Monday-Friday from 12PM-3PM ET. Former President Donald Trump will be show’s first guest.

The show will take the three-hour slot formally held by the late great Rush Limbaugh in markets including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.

Conservative firebrand and commentator Dan Bongino will be taking over the three-hour time slot that was once held by radio legend Rush Limbaugh.

He will be debuting his radio show, “The Dan Bongino Show” next Monday.

And to support his friend’s new show, Donald Trump will be his first guest.

Trump has been interviewed by Bongino before, on his popular podcast. It looks like Trump wants to give Dan a major boost by being his first guest on the new show.

Trump is loyal to his friends and supporters. He doesn’t turn down a chance to help those who stick close to him.

Appearing on Dan’s show is like a major shot in the arm for the radio host. People from all over the country—and the world—will want to hear what Trump has to say.

It’s no secret that everyone, and we mean everyone, is eager to find out what Trump is going to do in 2024.

Meanwhile, Trump has been vocal about the current state of the country. He has also been very active in helping Republicans retake Congress in 2022.

You better believe this interview will be one for the books.

Source: Dan Bongino

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