Donald Trump Makes Impact In Swing 2022 Race – He Just Endorsed Underdog Candidate Budd In North Carolina

Does anyone think Trump’s influence won’t have major consequences on 2022?

Democrats have said plenty, as did RINOs. But Trump’s endorsements will set the stage for many races.

Trump’s endorsements rarely fail. And he’s known for picking people who have strong conservative views and don’t compromise on the issues.

He just issued an endorsement in what will be a hotly-contested NC race. Already, rivals are complaining.

But it looks like Trump had good reasons for his pick.

From the Hill:

Former President Trump’s endorsement of Rep. Ted Budd in North Carolina’s GOP Senate primary is setting off a round of finger-pointing among frustrated Republicans in the state.

The endorsement, made during a speech to the North Carolina GOP’s convention this month, came as a surprise to state party leaders and other candidates who had believed they were still in the running to receive the most sought-after endorsement in Republican politics.

Trump endorsed Ted Budd in his race for North Carolina’s open Senate seat. It has upset other Republicans currently running in the primaries.

They have leveled all sorts of accusations against Trump. But it seems pretty clear when you look at it.

Budd appears to be a strong, no-nonsense conservative. He is a Trump loyalist who backed the president during the 2020 election chaos.

Those who are upset right now… maybe it’s because they were too scared to support Trump when he needed them the most?

Other Republican candidates seem to think a more watered-down approach is needed to win the North Carolina race?

Sure. Because being a coward who doesn’t stand by his convictions is always the way to go!

I’m not a political analyst, but I think a Republican running in North Carolina needs to be as strong and determined as possible.

Stand by an America-first agenda, make no apologies and let his Democratic rival self-destruct.

They’re really good at that.

It seems those complaining are just upset that they didn’t get the nod from the big man. Maybe they shouldn’t have fought harder for him last year?

Source: The Hill

and americanjournaldaily

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