Donald Trump Handed Historic Decision From The FEC – They Just Threw Stormy Daniels Investigation Into The Trash

Remember Ms. Stormy Daniels? Probably not. She was the former adult star that tried to sue Donald Trump—and got wrecked in court.

After she and a crooked lawyer tried to sue Trump over mean tweets, she was required to pay his legal fees.

All the claims she made to slander him came up empty. Even the MSM turned on her when they realized she had nothing.

Now, a dragged-out case over her claims is finally being resolved. Once again, Trump is coming out victorious.

From Daily Wire:

On Thursday, the Federal Election Commission terminated its inquiry into former President Trump’s payments made to adult film star Stormy Daniels…

“In sum, the public record is complete with respect to the conduct at issue in these complaints, and Mr. Cohen has been punished by the government of the United States for the conduct at issue in these matters. Thus, we concluded that pursuing these matters further was not the best use of agency resources.”

A former Trump lawyer, Michael Cohen, tried to throw Trump under the bus—claiming that he instructed him to pay Daniels “hush money.”

But when Cohen tried to get Trump pinched, he got pinched instead. There didn’t seem to be convincing proof that Trump instructed Cohen. And the actual payment was made by Cohen himself.

The entire affair appeared more like a scheme by Cohen—and perhaps others—to set up the newly-elected president.

Yet despite all this, the FEC continued to drag out this 5-year-old case. The courts had weighed in, Cohen is serving his time, there is nothing else left to investigate.

Of course, the Democrats overseeing the case wanted to drag it out some more. They, like their cohorts in the House, were probably hoping to shake out whatever dirt they could find, to further slander the 45th president.

But they were overruled and this meaningless investigation was brought to an end.

For a time, Daniels was working overtime to trash Donald Trump. She was a one-time darling of the MSM, even appearing on 60 Minutes.

But all her cases against Trump were either shut down or thrown out. Even her sleazy lawyer, who at one time thought he could run for president, turned on her.

I guess there is a lesson to be learned from all this. Not that anti-Trumpers will ever see it.

Are you glad Trump beat this one?

source : and Daily Wire

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