Donald Trump Cleared By Inspector General – New Report Debunks Biden’s Claim That Donald “Used The Military” Against Citizens

Last year saw plenty of civil unrest, protests and riots. Some of that violence occurred in the nation’s capitol, well before the unfortunate events of January 6.

Between May and June of 2020, for example, there were plenty of demonstrations taking place in Washington D.C., and one erupted in an altercation between rioters and law enforcement.

Immediately afterward, the media and people like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris accused then-President Donald Trump of using this violence to his advantage.

But a new report from the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Inspector General shows that in fact, none of these accusations were true.

Trump visited St. John’s church in D.C. after it had been set on fire, and the media quickly pounced.

For example, NPR tweeted on June 1 that police “used tear gas and rubber pellets on peaceful protesters” and then “President Trump walked to the church for a photo op.”

Democrat leaders were quick to chime in. Biden responded to the NPR report by tweeting:

And Biden’s eventual running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris, added:

However, the DOI’s Inspector General’s report debunks these claims. The report includes “a detailed timeline of relevant actions” concerning police activity, and how and if Trump was involved.

The results were pretty clear:

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