Donald Trump Chooses His First Rally Locations – His Supporters Are Headed To States Of Florida And Ohio

Since Trump left the White House, supporters have been eager to know what he’ll do next.

He has not announced an official re-election run. But he has vowed to help Republicans retake Congress in 2022.

The 45th president has endorsed candidates and met with GOP leaders. Many Americans, though, are excited for one big thing: the return of Trump rallies.

Trump revealed he would be hosting several rallies over the summer. And now, we know where they will be held.

From The Hill:

Former President Trump is set to hold his first rallies since leaving the White House later this month in Ohio and Florida.

Trump is expected to hold a rally in the Cleveland area on June 26. This event will be followed by another rally in Tampa a week later, on July 3.

Reports swirled for weeks that Trump would be visiting swing state Ohio and battleground state Florida, as two possible locations for his rallies.

Now we know that he will be visiting Cleveland on June 26 and Tampa on July 3.

Trump’s office had previously stated that these rallies will be similar to the outdoor, airfield rallies he held over last year.

Instead of Air Force One flanking the stage, however, he is bringing back “Trump Force Once,” the grand plane he used during his first presidential campaign.

It’s safe to say countless Americans are eager to return to a Trump rally. These legendary events are very unlike most political rallies.

Trump rallies are marked by music, dancing, grilling, and other celebrations. Americans from all backgrounds come together to have a great time.

When was the last time we saw something like that at a Democratic rally? They haven’t even held one in over a year.

These events will surely spark a fire under conservative Americans. And they will send a message to the left: Trump is far from over.

Will you be going to one of Trump’s rallies?

Source: The Hill

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