Democrats Sent Spinning With Prediction – Reagan Official Claims Joe Biden’s Term Could Put An End To Progressives

Many Trump supporters—in addition to other Americans—watch in dismay over what Biden is doing. With support from Democrats in Congress, Joe is running over the American public.

In just a few months, he has destroyed the budget, killed thousands of jobs, ruined the border, and so much more.

But there might be some light at the end of the tunnel. A top Reagan official claims this could be the beginning of the end… but not for patriots.

From Western Journal:

Donald Devine, who served as a top official and adviser in the Reagan administration, believes the ascension of Joe Biden to the presidency along with the Democrats taking the reins of Congress should be viewed as an opportunity for conservatives…

“I think it’s going to be absolutely clear to everybody in two — and certainly in the four years — that this whole progressive solution to the problem doesn’t work,” he said.

Former Biden advisor is predicting that Biden and his progressives will end up turning Americans off their agenda.

With little resistance to his agenda, Biden can get done pretty much anything he wants. And Americans will watch as his progressive agenda failed again and again.

We’re already seeing that on major issues, like jobs and the border.

Devine believes this “opportunity” for progressives to show their true colors will result in Americans fighting back. In 2 or 4 years, Americans will be eager for a conservative leader who can do what Reagan and Trump did.

Under those two presidents, jobs boomed thanks to tax and regulation cuts. Both leaders embraced a pro-business, American-first agenda.

Biden is lurching further left than even Obama—with plans to hike taxes up sky-high. (We warned you this would happen.)

Coming out of the pandemic-era lockdowns, Americans will have an even harder time finding jobs, as taxes will cripple opportunity and migrants take what jobs are left.

Would Americans be eager to elect more Democrats after that? Or will they beg Trump to come back?

Source: Western Journal

and patriotjournal

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