Days After Biden Helps Out Russia Pipeline – Joe Suspends American Oil And Gas From Alaska’s ANWR

When Donald Trump was president, America enjoyed a brief period of energy dominance.

We were exporting more energy than anyone else in the world. You can imagine how that ticked off crooked countries like Russia or China.

Unfortunately, that did not last. China and Russia found an ally in Joe Biden, who is putting everyone first–except Americans.

He okayed a pipeline that would give Russia too much power over Europe’s energy production.

But, once again, he just pulled a stunt that would make it hard for the U.S. to produce oil and gas.

From Fox News:

The Biden administration suspended oil and gas drilling leases within Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge pending the outcome of an environmental impact review, officials said on Tuesday.

The decision marked a reversal of the Trump administration’s efforts to expand drilling in the region. President Biden previously placed a temporary hold on oil and gas activities within the refuge, citing potential “legal deficiencies” in a Trump-backed leasing program.

Does Joe Biden even like America? It’s hard to come up with another reason for the decisions he’s making.

The man had previously suspended a pipeline that would have enriched our country (and helped our energy production).

He then banned drilling for oil and gas on federal property. That led to skyrocketing gas prices, not to mention electricity costs.

Now, he is reversing a key decision by Trump that brought more natural resources to the country.

Yet he had no problem letting Russia build a pipeline that takes oil from Germany?

What is our President thinking?

The administration is dancing around the reasoning, claiming there were “legal deficiencies” in Trump’s decision.

Right, because a man like Trump–an experienced real estate and land developer–doesn’t know how to legally seal deals.

The real reason Biden is banning this deal is because he’s dancing to the radical left’s tune. The far-left claims to be environmentally focused. That their decisions are about “protecting the earth” and securing a green planet for our children.

Yet time and again, their agenda puts America at a major disadvantage, as foreign powers get rich.

Funny how that works out, huh?

Source: Fox Business

and gopdailybrief

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