Cure The Flu and Cold in 5 Minutes

Today we present you one alternative treatment with which you can easily treat the symptoms of cold and flu.

  • So, try this effective massage on the following face points:

Point 1: This point is placed right between the eyebrows. Press the point and hold the pressure for about 1 minute.

Point 2: These points are placed in the temple area or 2 cm on the outer end of the eyebrows. Press on both sides at the same time.

Point 3: These two points are symmetrically allocated on your nose, close to the inner eye angle. Massage these two points at the same time.

Point 4: Symmetrically allocated points that are placed half a centimeter sideways from the nostrils.

It is important to press the points with the tip of the finger for about 1 minute. Be careful not to press too hard because you may feel pain, press hard enough just to feel the pressure.

It is not important if you massage the points counterclockwise or clockwise, but it is important to apply pressure onto the points.

The main goal is to cause a rush of blood to these points.

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