Condoleezza Rice Takes On Washington Swamp – She Claims Trump Touched A Nerve With Non-Elites

Normally, folks from previous administrations stay out of the limelight. (Unless you’re Obama, of course, but we won’t talk about him.)

Those who served the Bush administration have largely avoided attention these days. Especially when Donald Trump was in office.

That’s true for former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, a respected conservative and leader.

But recently, she has spoken out about Donald Trump’s rise to the presidency. And she is smashing the left’s narrative.

From The Hill:

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said former President Trump was successful as a politician in part because of his ability to connect with Americans who felt left behind…

“He touched the nerve of people who felt left out by globalization, who felt diminished by elites,” she added. “That just assumed that the conversation was the conversation they were having, not the conversation that people who’d been left behind we’re having.”

Why It’s Important:

Rice revealed that Trump was successful because he was listening to those Americans who “felt left behind.”

The former SoS blamed globalism for the fact that many hard-working Americans had been ignored by the government.

That’s no big secret. D.C. has become a swamp that caters to the ruling elite. Congress and many past presidents cared more about appealing to foreign powers and multinational companies, than the very people who voted for them.

But Donald Trump came along, promising to put Americans first. He promised to make America great and, for four years, he did just that.

Even a Bush-era Republican could see that.

Rice’s argument blasts a hole in the left’s ongoing claim that only “backward people” voted for Trump.

For many years, the left has claimed that Trump won simply because Americans were racists who wanted to stop immigrants from coming here.

Even when the evidence denied that bogus narrative, they kept pushing it.

Rice is revealing the real reason so many flocked (and continue to flock) to Trump’s banner. He is connecting with people our political elite no longer care about.

As the left continues to try to tarnish Trump’s reputation, he and his movement continue to reach those forgotten Americans.

And it’s something Biden and his cronies will have to contend with, soon enough.

Source: The Hill

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