Clarence Thomas Takes On Washington Democrats – His Female Supreme Court Clerk Shows His Concern For Women

During such a dismal time for our nation’s government, one glimmering ray of hope is Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

He has faithfully served the country for years–an unapologetic Constitutionalist in a deep swamp.

Naturally, the rabid left frequently looks for ways to attack him. Once, they criticized him for hiring only male clerks for a term.

But one female clerk tells a very different story. And her amazing story puts the left to shame (it’s not short, but it’s totally worth it):

When I applied to clerk for Justice Thomas I was just finishing my appellate clerkship on the DC Circuit with Judge Sentelle. I was thrilled to get an interview, but nervous about broaching the fact that I was three months pregnant.

Would he not want to hire someone who was getting ready to have a baby? After getting advice from people who knew him I decided to just tell him in my interview (I wasn’t showing yet). His response was so illustrative of his character.
He told me that one of the perks of being a Supreme Court justice is that he could hire anyone he wanted for whatever year he wanted.

He said the whole purpose of the Court and the Constitution was to create a country that allowed its citizens to go about raising their families in peace and so it would be backwards for him to ask me to do anything for him that wasn’t also best fit for my family.

He told me to go home and talk to my family and friends and decide which year would be best to clerk for my situation. I opted to wait a year after I normally would have started so that my daughter was 18 months to 2.5 years during my clerkship instead of an infant.

Ironically, because of offering me that deferral, Justice Thomas ended up with four male clerks the term I otherwise would have started. He was criticized for not having any women. Meanwhile he was doing the most pro-woman thing I could imagine.

Oh, haters gonna hate, it seems.

The left criticized Thomas, trying to brand him as some kind of sexist because he hired only men as clerks.

As it turns out, he was going to hire a pregnant woman to be one of his clerks. But he gave the woman the option to choose when to start.

He even explained it was thanks to the Constitution that we in America can work without putting our families in the lurch.

The female clerk chose to start working for Thomas the following year. The stupid leftist media never bothered to look deeper than their flimsy narrative.

Time and again the left fires shots at Thomas. Every time they miss. It’s so sweet, even the justice has to laugh:

Thomas is such an impressive guy, he’s not even phased by a TMZ photographer fishing for a scandal. He even laughed it up with the guy, asking about his family.

Talk about a class act. That’s certainly not the kind of thing you’d see from liberal figures. Not even a little bit.

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