Chuck Schumer Sent Spinning By Senate Ruling – Democrat Brakes Slammed On Their Infrastructure Bill By Parliamentarian

Democrats were able to force a toxic, unpopular “relief” bill earlier in the year using a process called “reconciliation.”

This allowed them to pass Biden’s massive spending bill without support from Republicans.

And, with Biden’s pushing trillions in spending on “infrastructure,” they thought they could do it again.

A party that talked about unity in January appears hellbent on refusing to work with Republicans on any level.

But the Senate parliamentarian just gave Chuck Schumer and his Senate Democrats some really bad news.

From Newsmax:

Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough said that to revise a budget resolution, such as the fiscal 2021 resolution used to pass the Covid 19 relief bill in March, the measure must go through committee and have floor amendment votes. That would make the process of revising a budget as time consuming as doing a fresh budget. MacDonough also ruled that there must be a legitimate reason — such as a new economic downturn — for revising a budget, the person said.

Limiting the ability to revise a budget makes it more likely Democrats will attempt a fresh fiscal 2022 budget to bypass Republicans if bipartisan infrastructure talks fail. It also likely restricts their ability to revisit that same budget later to pass additional fiscal initiatives. Democrats have talked of using a fiscal 2023 budget to expand Obamacare or cut drug prices.

Democrats were hoping to rush through another Biden spending bill, abusing the same reconciliation loophole.

But the Senate parliamentarian revealed that can only do that if they go through committee hearings and floor amendment votes.

Which means, they won’t be able to rush through Biden’s “infrastructure” bill after all. And they will more likely be forced to seek Republican input, regardless.

This strikes a huge blow in the left’s plan—which was to cram as much spending in the next two years as possible.

We all know that the left’s majority is razor-thin. They lost ground in 2020 and by all measures, will lose the House and Senate in the 2022 midterms.

Democrats have a small window to get their spending done—and funnel taxpayer cash into all their holy grails.

But the Senate ruling slammed the breaks on their out-of-control spending. They have to go through the same lengthy process to pass these spending bills.

So, it’s unlikely they will be able to fulfill Biden’s radical plans.

They could always seek Republican support to pass more modest spending… but it’ll probably be a cold day in hell before the likes of Pelosi and Schumer go to the GOP for help.

Source: Newsmax

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