Capitol Police whistleblower claims two senior leaders lied to Congress over Jan. 6 intel reports

On January 6th, the whistleblower in question was a senior officer on duty after a long career in the department.

The letter also went on to be critical of congressional leaders, without naming anyone specific, as they allegedly “purposefully failed” to convey the truth about the Capitol Police’s failures during the January 6th riot:

“The truth may be valued less than politics by many members of the congressional community to include those that have made decisions about the leadership of the USCP post January 6th, but I believe the truth still matters to real people and certainly the men and women of the U.S. Capitol Police.”

According to the whistleblower’s letter, Pittman allegedly lied to Congress about an intelligence report the Capitol Police attained back in December – one containing a blog post from “” that had a map of the Capitol campus and commenters suggesting that demonstrators show up armed.

Back in April, Pittman told congressional investigators that numerous senior officials within the department were made aware of the aforementioned report. However, the whistleblower claims that the document (known as 21-TD-159) was only known to Pittman and Gallagher:


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