Capitol Police whistleblower claims two senior leaders lied to Congress over Jan. 6 intel reports

WASHINGTON, DC – A former high-ranking Capitol Police officer familiar with the department’s reaction to the January 6th attack on the Capitol has sent a damning letter

 to congressional leaders accusing two of the department’s top officials of mishandling information and failing to respond appropriately during the incident.

The whistleblower, who asked to remain anonymous for confidentiality reasons and left the department months after the assault, submitted the 16-page letter to the House and Senate’s senior members in late September.

Sean Gallagher, the Capitol Police’s acting chief of uniformed operations, and Yogananda Pittman, the Capitol Police’s assistant chief of police for protective and intelligence operations and who previously served as the prior acting chief are heavily criticized in the letter.

Gallagher and Pittman are accused by the whistleblower of intentionally neglecting to assist police under assault on January 6th, and Pittman of lying to Congress about an intelligence report Capitol Police received before the incident.

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