Cancer Can Be Caused By Antiperspirants – Make Your Own Deodorant

The list of the ingredients on a regular commercial antiperspirant can be a little scary.

The list often contains fragrances, mineral oils, alcohol, triclosan, polyethylene glycol distearates, aluminum salts, particularly the worst aluminium chlorohydrate.

Aluminium chlorohydrate is included because it is an effective suppressant of perspiration, but it has also been connected to Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer in several studies.

Studies haven’t proved that the exposure from the use of antiperspirants is at a harmful level, but if you want to reduce the exposure to toxic chemicals, then you should avoid using antiperspirants.

  • Most of the recipes for a deodorant includes few simple ingredients:

A starch of some sort to reduce moisture

An oil of some sort as a carrier

Essential oils for fragrance and for antibacterial properties.

These ingredients can give a solid deodorant. It is not antiperspirant, but it can kill some of the bacteria that cause underarm odors and it reduces moisture. The recipe here is based off this formula, with a few suggestions and adjustments according to what you have available.

  • Ingredients:

1/3 cup oil

You need an oil that is solid at room temperature in order to get a solid deodorant. One great choice for many climates is the coconut oil, and it is antibacterial. You can also choose palm out or some liquid oil and add beeswax to create a solid deodorant.

1/4 cup baking soda

This can an irritant for someone. So skip it if you have sensitive skin and use extra starch.

1/4 cup starch

Common choices are arrowroot and cornstarch. You can also use the tapioca starch.

A few drops of essential oil

For fragrance you can use mandarin and for antibacterial properties you can use tea casino jameshallison tree. In the example here are used those two, but you can use whatever you like, but it is good to include anything antibacterial like cinnamon, lavender and lemon.

  • Preparation:

Combine your powdered ingredients in one bow and add the oils, then mix it all together by hand mixer and by hand.

Maybe you will need to add more oil or starch, according to the texture that you are looking for. You can make the deodorant as soft or as hard as you like. A softer one it may be applied with the fingertips, while the harder one can be applied like a stick deodorant.

When all the ingredients are mixed, transfer it to a container, or if you have an old stick deodorant, you can use it. In the example here, it is used plastic container. Then leave it for a while, and then you can use it. It is all natural, homemade deodorant.

This natural deodorant spreads on so easily and will keep you dry and sweet smelling. It leaves slight white marks on dark blouses, but the most deodorants do that too.

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