Border Patrol Council President Turns On Biden – Judd Claims Joe’s Policies Are Worse Than Past Presidents

It’s no secret that the southern border is out of control. Hundreds of thousands of migrants have flooded the country since the beginning of the year.

Instead of sending them back home, the government is struggling to house them. Most of the time, they put up these people on your dime (when they’re not just released into the country).

But despite this growing crisis, the administration still seems unwilling to admit there is a problem.

That hasn’t stopped the Border Patrol Council President from blasting Joe.

From YouTube:

During a recent press conference, the Border Patrol Council President blasted the administration’s border policies.

He condemned what Biden has done, saying his decisions are the worse he’s ever seen.

The council president said everything that is happening at the border is because of Biden’s policies.

He laid the current and ongoing problems at Joe’s feet. Biden has refused to visit the border, nor has his second-in-command, Harris.

The border is at a breaking point. There’s no telling what kind of long-term fallout we’re are facing with this crisis.

Yet Biden continues to ignore it—as he pushes radical spending bills.

But Americans are paying attention. Especially those who live near the border. In fact, Democrats from Texas, Arizona, and other border states are demanding action from the administration.

With these dire words from the council president, will Biden finally listen?

Your guess is as good as mine. But if we had to make a prediction, it might get much worse before it gets better.

Source: YouTube

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