Biden’s Afghanistan Ordeal Takes A Sharp Turn – Reports Claim Joe Dismantled Citizen Protections, Was Warned Against Withdrawal

Biden is refusing to take responsibility for the crisis in Afghanistan.

He had previously blamed Trump. But then later said this chaos was going to happen anyway.

But new reports are coming out that show that is Biden, and Biden alone, who is responsible for this international catastrophe.

We know that many experts, including lawmakers, urged Biden not to pull our troops. Now, we are discovering that his own people told him not to.

From Daily Wire:

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, Biden made the decision to take U.S. military out of Afghanistan “against the recommendations of his top military generals and many diplomats, who warned that a hasty withdrawal would undermine security in Afghanistan, several administration and defense officials said.”

To make matters worse, Biden went out of his way to dismantle a program to help citizens stranded overseas.

From Fox News:

The Biden administration moved in June to dismantle a system designed to protect American citizens trapped abroad — just months before the Taliban took over Afghanistan, stranding thousands of Americans in the Central Asian country.

We are learning that “top military generals” and “many diplomats” warned Joe Biden not to pull our troops too hastily.

They even warned that it could undermine the security of the country. Biden did it anyway.

The unplanned move left thousands of Americans stranded, some say up to 40,000.

Now we are learning that just before pulling our troops, Biden dismantled a Trump-era program designed to help Americans stuck overseas.

The Contingency and Crisis Response Bureau provided “aviation, logistics, and medical support capabilities” for American citizens in need of evacuation due to “natural or man-made disaster.” The State Department responded to day that it added nothing to current capabilities and was unnecessary bureaucracy.

But when we look what is going on right now, how is it possible a Bureau like this would be useless?

So, let’s put all this together. Biden knew Afghanistan would fall if he pulled the troops. But not only did he do that, but he eliminated a group that could have saved Americans in the process?

Is this man trying to help the Taliban? I cannot imagine a better scenario for a radical group’s resurgence than if they had orchestrated it themselves.

And now there are rumors that to negotiate American protection, Biden may send them billions in taxpayer dollars on pallets, just like Obama did for Iran.

Some have speculated that the fall of Afghanistan has empowered China to move into Taiwan, even partner with the Taliban.

We can’t say that for sure. But given Biden’s past friendship with the communist nation, this all looks very suspicious.

Why would a president make all the wrong moves, knowing what would happen?

All we can say for certain is that Joe is totally unqualified to run the country.

Source: Daily WireFox News

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