Biden, Pelosi, Schumer Suffer Major Defeat – The Parliamentarian Just Stripped Their Attempt To Slip In Amnesty

Democrats have been pushing for months to pass Biden’s massive socialist takeover of the country. His bloated $3.5 trillion spending bill would cripple our economy while expanding the federal government to new hits.

But they weren’t satisfied with that.

Because they wanted to force this through without Republican votes, they decided to go for a two-for-one. Democrats like Schumer, Pelosi and Biden tried to slip into the spending bill a mega-amnesty move. It would have made millions of non-citizens Americans overnight.

But they just got some really bad news. From Daily Wire:

The Associated Press reported late on Sunday evening that the Senate parliamentarian has indicated that Democrats cannot include a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens in the their massive $3.5 trillion social-spending bill…

“…budget reconciliation bills, which Democrats were using to avoid a filibuster, must be strictly fiscal in nature and can’t add to the deficit. It was believed that this push to add immigration to the bill was too policy driven.”

Woah. The Senate parliamentarian revealed that Democrats cannot put amnesty in their $3.5 trillion spending bill. That’s because they are trying to get it done via “reconciliation” in order to avoid Republican opposition.

But this scheme—which they used before to pass Biden’s inflation-creating “stimulus”—can only be used for fiscal bills. Meaning, they can only avoid the filibuster for bills that affect the federal budget.

The parliamentarian ruled that amnesty is not a fiscal issue, but policy. Therefore, it cannot be shoved down our throats with this toxic, socialist garbage.

This is a huge blow against Joe Biden’s radical immigration scheme. We all know he created a border crisis to flood the country with more border jumpers.

Then, he would have granted amnesty to millions of non-citizens. What would that have done? Oh nothing, just give them the ability to vote.

You can see the obvious motivations for pushing amnesty. Democrats think they can import brand-new voters through the Southern border. They apparently no longer care about appealing to Americans, even union workers who suffer the most thanks to border jumpers.

Democrats will not be happy about this ruling. I wouldn’t be surprised if Democrats like AOC will call for the parliamentarian’s impeachment or something.

All the more reason to replace them with law-abiding leaders.

Source: Daily Wire and gopdailybrief

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