Anti-Trumper Lisa Murkowski Is In Serious Trouble – After Alaska Poll, Donald Trump Gangs Up On Her

Those Republicans who turned on Donald Trump after the election are regretting their choices.

And no one more than Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

She voted against Trump during the left’s bogus impeachment. Her state was not at all pleased, nor were many voters.

Quickly, candidates appeared to challenge her reelection.

Now, Donald Trump is speaking out—after a stunning poll may have already sealed her fate.

From Twitter:


In Alaska’s new ranked-choice voting system, Senator Lisa Murkowski begins this race in a difficult position: 3rd place.

Trump-endorsed Republican Kelly Tshibaka leads in the initial ballot, followed by Democrat Al Gross #AKSen

From IJR:

“Senator Lisa Murkowski has cost the great people of Alaska billions and billions of dollars by voting for Radical Left Biden appointees, which in turn led to the revocation of ANWR drilling, which Alaskans have been fighting to see happen for six decades,” the 45th president said in a statement.

Wow. Things are certainly not looking great for RINO Lisa Murkowski.

A recent poll reveals that she is third in the upcoming senate race. She is actually trailing behind a Democrat candidate.

Who is in first place? A newcomer Republican. Tshibaka is dominating the other candidates, according to this survey. (Note: the author updated that Trump has not yet endorsed Tshibaka).

Hot on the heels of this news, Trump revealed he was going to Alaska to help unseat Murkowski.

The 45th president pointed to Murkowski’s history of not putting Americans first. But also of her recent support of Biden’s administration appointees. The same people who shut down drilling in ANWR.

Trump blamed Murkowski for supporting Democrats who are now hurting Alaska families. Shutting down the ANWR project will affect many hard-working residents.

I doubt they’ll be eager to support Murkowski is the upcoming race. And Donald Trump will be on hand to help her lose.

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