After Teacher Calls Trump A “Literal Moron” – The School Levels Swift Justice, Now She’s Out Of A Job

Donald Trump has been out of office for eight months. Yet many liberals still seem to suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).

Maybe it’s because many on the left fear Trump’s return to office.

But regardless of the reason, you don’t have to look far to find people still raging against the 45th president. This even includes our education system.

Recently, a teacher in Utah went on a seriously disturbing rant about Trump. While urging her students to get vaccinated, she called Trump a “moron” and that she hated him.

It felt like it would’ve crossed the line in any profession, but it came across as especially unprofessional considering her position.

And her students didn’t like it one bit — now, even though she didn’t think it would happen, the woman is looking for a new job.

From Washington Examiner:

A Utah high school teacher who said she ‘hates’ ‘moron’ former President Donald Trump told her students to ‘go tattle’ on her ‘to the freakin’ admins,’ as ‘they don’t give a crap.’

It turns out, they did.

Leah Kinyon is no longer employed at Lehi High School after Tuesday’s rant about how Trump ‘sucks’ while advocating her class to get the coronavirus vaccine.

Why It’s Important:

A high school teacher in Utah insulted Donald Trump, saying she “hated” the “moron.” She even egged her students to tell the administrators.

They did and an investigation ensued. The school is not divulging too many details, but they are saying she is no longer working in the school district.

It’s ironic that she’s urging her students to get the COVID vaccine. If we recall, it’s the same vaccine that Donald Trump was largely responsible for bringing to the public.

How a Trump-hater could endorse something Trump himself made possible (and has encouraged people to take) is confusing to many.

What’s also hilarious is how, after all this time, she still hates Donald Trump.

Why not get over it, by now? Biden is in charge and on top of that, he has a Democratic majority in Congress. Democrats are definitely ruling the roost in D.C.

If you’re upset over the direction of the country today, why not get mad at them? Aren’t they directly responsible now?

But usually, it’s no use arguing such basic logic with liberals. They just seem to have a big problem with everything, and find a way to blame it all on Donald Trump.

What’s really surprising is that this woman actually faced the consequences for her inappropriate behavior. The school wasn’t about to let this one slide; maybe her language was just too over-the-top.

Often, though, liberals – especially in education – aren’t punished for such behavior.

At least this time, one is facing the music.

Source: Washington Examiner

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