After Supreme Court Gets Swamped By Democrats – 5 Red State Attorney Generals Give Major Boost To ‘Keep Nine’

Americans, the core of our Constitutional Republic is under an all-out assault. The independence of our Supreme Court is critical to the survival of our nation.

And Democrats are trying to use their super-slim majority to take control of it. Democrats in the House have introduced a bill to expand the court from 9 to 13. That would give them a liberal majority of 7-6.

And it doesn’t provide new permanent limits to the court, meaning they could expand it again and again to place activist judges on the court to get done what they fail to do in Congress.

Well, they’re getting some stiff competition from red state Attorney Generals that are ready to fight fire with fire. From Breitbart:

Republican attorneys general (AGs) across the country are prepared to fight the recently introduced court-packing legislation, as indicated by their vocal statements of opposition to it, endorsements of the Keep Nine amendment, and vows to explore legal routes to challenge the legislation.

Some Republican AGs have shown support for the Keep Nine amendment, introduced in the House and Senate to cement nine as the number of Supreme Court justices.

Attorney Generals from Alabama, Missouri, Ohio, Arkansas, Texas and West Virginia have all expressed support or openness to the amendment.

Our Constitution, even in the way it was structured, outlines the balance of power in our government: three separate, co-equal branches.

The way many politicians are talking about packing the court, it seems like they never bothered to pay attention in civics class.

This isn’t boring or archaic: it is at the core of our American society. It places the rule of law above the rule of the mob or the majority. It protects people’s rights when culture takes a wrong turn.

Our government has already been corrupted in so many ways—do you agree?

Liberals have added a virtual fourth branch of government with the bloated administrative state, which has been mostly controlled by the Left and conservatives now refer to as the “Deep State.”

Congress has taken large chunks of power from the states, but then it has given up much of that power to make important decisions to the President and to the Supreme Court.

The President’s power has ballooned—just look at Biden’s use of executive orders in his first 3 months to make many decisions that should be left to legislatures and courts.

And Democrats have done their best to add activist judges to the courts that are willing to legislate morality and do the bidding of the majority.

Folks, if they succeed at politicizing the Supreme Court, Democrats may lock in the downward spiral of America for good.

That’s why these Attorney Generals want to lock the number in at nine. Congress cannot just change the seats on the court to get the outcomes they want on a range of critical issues.

Because the things they really want to get done, they should do themselves, but they know the American people will vote them out if they do them.

Do you support keeping the Supreme Court to nine justices?

Source: Breitbart

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