After Schumer Tries To Slip Agenda Into Congress Bill – Lindsey Graham Tells Them GOP Should Skip Town Like Texas Dems

Democrats continue to push their radical spending agenda, without Republican support.

Refusing to compromise with conservatives, Senate Democrats want to get Biden’s bloated spending bill through via reconciliation.

(The last time they did this, they created runaway inflation. Thanks, guys.)

Now, it seems they want to make this bill even more unattractive to Americans, by slipping in “immigration reform.”

From Just the News:

Expected to be included in the Congressional Democrats’ $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill is language that will advance the party’s goals for immigration reform.

It’s unclear whether Democrats can push immigration reform through a budget bill and still use reconciliation. But regardless of that, Sen. Graham has a plan to freeze them in their tracks.

From Daily Wire:

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) suggested during a Fox News interview on Sunday that Senate Republicans should leave Washington, D.C., if Democrats try to ram through a $3.5 trillion infrastructure package that many say is a leftist wish list that has little to do with infrastructure.

Taking a page out of Texas Democrats’ book, Sen. Graham says that Senate Republicans should skip town. If Democrats try to force their $3.5 trillion bill through, that is.

Much as in the case with Texas’s state house, the U.S. Senate requires a quorum to do business. If there are not enough senators present, they can’t even vote.

If all 50 Republican senators leave D.C., it would prevent Schumer and the left from passing their bill. Without Republicans present to have a quorum, the Senate would stall.

That sounds like an extreme move, but Graham is simply fighting fire with fire. Democrats have refused to cooperate with Republicans for years.

They have made it very clear they will push their socialist agenda—regardless of what Americans want or think.

To do that, they are burning whatever bridges are left between both parties.

Previously, Mitch McConnell warned Democrats what would happen if they took this nuclear route.

And it seems Graham is repeating him. If Democrats really want to play this game, Republicans are more than happy to win.

The main risk is a further escalation of dysfunction in our government.

Do you think Republicans should walk out if Democrats jam their agenda through?

Source: Daily WireJust the News

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