After New York Suspends Rudy Giuliani’s License – He Gets A Strong Defense From Top Lawyer Alan Dershowitz

Rudy Giuliani was once a highly respected New York official, who stoically presided over one of the worst events in American history. He went on to be a fixture in President Donald Trump’s administration.

But now, Giuliani is a favorite target of Democrats, and the state he once led just suspended his law license. This was evidently due to comments Giuliani made regarding the 2020 election.

And one legendary lawyer says this was not only wrong, but evidence of a “tyrannical regime.”

Harvard law emeritus Alan Dershowitz is one of the best-known and accomplished attorneys in the United States. And he has frequently called out left-wing leaders for their authoritarian views.

He recently went on WABC 770 AM radio’s “The Cats Roundtable” and quickly defended Giuliani.

Dershowitz made a few very strong points, including the fact that he’s “never seen” something like this happen before. At least, not without the proper proceedings.

Here’s part of his monologue (via Breitbart):

I taught legal ethics for, I don’t know, 35 years at Harvard Law school. I think of myself as a leading expert on legal ethics.

I’ve never ever seen a case where a lawyer was essentially disbarred … without a hearing.

I mean, the most basic concept of due process is you don’t deprive somebody of his living, of his freedom, of his ability to work without a hearing.

In other words, Dershowitz is saying this wasn’t done by the book. In fact, it feels more like an edict from on high rather than a legal decision.

On top of that, there’s the question of why Giuliani’s license was suspended:

The reason given involved his comments concerning the 2020 election; he supported former President Trump’s questioning of the results, and that apparently was enough to get Giuliani disbarred.

But Dershowitz said this is nowhere near specific enough.

He said it’s “so vague” and it would also mean that no lawyer could ever say something in a public forum that turns out to be false.

As a result, this becomes a freedom of speech issue as well. As he stated:

The idea of holding lawyers to this standard of truth-telling when they’re on television is a whole new ballgame. It will chill free speech. It will chill advocacy.

He then said that the phrase “equal justice for all” is “mortally wounded, because to Dershowitz, this whole thing is more about going after anyone who supports Donald Trump.

And it sets a dangerous precedent, too. As Dershowitz concluded:

You know, that’s what happens in banana republics. That’s what happens in tyrannical regimes.

Dershowitz believes the power being wielded here is disturbing, and it doesn’t look like anyone on the left wants to stop it. Provided it works in their favor, they may not care about following law and order.

And that’s a troubling thought for anyone.

Source: Breitbart

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