After Donald Trump Gets Standing Ovation At UFC Visit – Mel Gibson Shows Up And Salutes The Former President

It’s pretty obvious that while the liberal elite hate Donald Trump, real America still loves him.

That is clear whenever he shows up. He recently posed with some staff in Mar-A-Lago and they went crazy. Whenever he speaks, supporters chant and cheer.

But it’s not just political events where Trump gets the love. He recently attended a UFC fight. And the fans of this popular sport went crazy.

From The Western Journal:

Trump entered T-Mobile Arena through the fighter tunnel before the co-main event…

But as those began to emerge, massive chants of  “U-S-A” emerged to drown out the boo-birds.

And to cap off the iconic moment, another big name appeared to show Trump support.

From Daily Caller:

Mel Gibson was very excited to see former President Donald Trump at UFC 264 late Saturday night.

The “Lethal Weapon” star was enjoying the highly-anticipated fighting event when he saw the former POTUS walking through the crowd, and he fired him a salute as the crowd went wild.

If you’re wondering if that was really him, check out another video from Mel that night, wearing the same clothes and looking exactly the same:

As Trump entered the arena, people quickly took notice. There were a few smatterings of “boos” from the rare liberal who attends such events.

But, as you can hear from the video, the boos were quickly drowned out by chants for the 45th president.

And as Americans were waving and snapping video of the man’s entrance, actor Mel Gibson was seen giving him a salute.

Mel was one of many faces in the crowd greeting the president. If you looked away, you would have missed the moment.

But it seems even the legendary actor was excited to see Trump and show him the respect he deserves.

This isn’t the first time Trump has received a hero’s welcome since leaving office. It seems that the 45th president continues to enjoy legions of supporters wherever he goes.

Democrats should be getting very worried about now. I doubt anyone on their side can muster such enthusiasm.

Not even Obama, when he was relevant, would get that kind of reaction at a UFC fight.

Not that Obama would ever attend one…

You won’t hear much about Mel’s salute in the news. Make sure a liberal sees it!

Source: The Western JournalDaily Caller AND americanjournaldaily

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