After Democrats Want Trump’s Wall Torn Down – Republicans Introduce ‘Donument’ Act To Protect It From Biden

Donald Trump spent much of his time in office fighting to build a “big, beautiful wall” along our Southern border.

Congress fought tooth and nail to stop him. But Trump made good on his promise, building hundreds of miles of an advanced, secure wall system.

Democrats threatened Trump, saying that if they got into power they’d end the project. Some even claimed they’d tear down what he already built.

Already, Biden’s terrible policies have resulted in a border crisis—after only three months.

But on Republican has a genius idea to make sure the wall isn’t going anywhere.

From Western Journal:

A bill introduced last week by Republican Rep. Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina seeks to have the U.S.-Mexico border wall built by former President Donald Trump declared a national monument.

The legislation, called the “Donument Act” in honor of Trump, would create the “Southern Border Wall National Monument.” It would effectively provide “permanent protection from alteration” for the wall, defending it from any future executive orders by President Joe Biden or anyone else to demolish it, according to a statement from Cawthorn.

Freshman Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorn introduced a bill that would designate Trump’s wall as a national monument.

As such, the border wall would be immune from any attempts by future Democrats to tear it down, including executive orders from Joe Biden.

Because Democrats have a slim majority in the House, this bill is unlikely to pass. But it could serve as a rallying call by Republicans to defend Trump’s accomplishment.

Biden promised not another foot of Trump’s wall would be built. And since Biden entered office, the border has turned into a humanitarian crisis.

Hundreds of thousands have attempted to enter the country against America’s laws. Guess which parts of the border are relatively safe? The parts with Trump’s wall.

In fact, the DHS has been seriously considering resuming construction of the wall in parts where the project was left unfinished.

Fears that the current wall would be torn down are not unfounded. Radical Democrats such as Representative Veronica Escobar from El Paso, Texas, has said she wants the wall torn down.

It seems she would love to waste time, money, and energy tearing down something that helps her own constituents, and many Americans.

They probably won’t succeed, considering how difficult it would be for even Joe Biden to tear down such a massive project.

But don’t be surprised if they try. The only thing stopping them are men like Cawthorn.

Do you think Trump’s border wall should become a National Monument?

Source: Western Journal

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