After Democrats Try To Add 51st State To Union- Republicans Turn The Tables, Plan To Flip Puerto Rico

Democrats appear to want power at all costs. Even if that means erasing safeguards in the Constitution to get it.

The left has threatened for months to push radical changes that could give them an advantage.

They want to pack the Supreme Court to create a permanent liberal majority. They tried to make D.C. a state, to get two more liberal senators.

And they want to turn Puerto Rico into a state–thinking it will give them more Democrats in Congress.

But one Republican lawmaker has a different take on what would happen.

From MSN:

Sen. Rick Scott believes Puerto Rico will achieve statehood — and the Florida Republican rejects arguments by some in his party that the Caribbean island territory would elect Democrats to Congress in perpetuity…

Indeed, Scott said that it is very possible that Puerto Rico might elect two Republican senators.

“It depends who runs. They could. Jenniffer [Gonzalez-Colon] is very popular. If she ran for the Senate, I think Jenniffer would win,” Scott said. “There’s no reason” Republicans cannot win there.

Sen. Rick Scott from Florida claimed that Puerto Rico would one day become a state.

He added that it wouldn’t happen overnight. That the region had “a lot of problems to fix first.”

But if and when they achieve statehood, he thinks they would elect Republican leadership.

Some of the current elected officials from Puerto Rico are Republican. That includes a nonvoting representative in Congress and a recent governor.

But their recent governors have all been Democrats, casting doubt on Scott’s claim.

Another thing to consider is how PR’s Democrat leadership handled their recent hurricane fallout. The island was hammered during the Trump administration.

It suffered thanks to staggering neglect of its infrastructure. Trump surged support to the region, but their liberal leadership squandered it.

We can’t say if Puerto Rico will become a state. But to claim they will automatically become a blue state is a big assumption.

And it seems at least a few Republicans are banking on PR surprising everyone.

Source: MSN

and americanjournaldaily

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