After California Town Orders Trump Supporter To Remove Car Flags – He Sues Them For $25 Million

It is often said that Democrats are a very unpatriotic group.

Not only do they refuse to show sincere expressions of patriotism, but they discourage others from doing the same.

We’ve heard about towns trying to stop Americans from flying flags over their homes and businesses.

This time, a California town ordered an American citizen to remove his flags in support of the former president.

So, the man is taking them to the bank.

From The Sun:

Michael Wasserman claims Long Beach authorities are trying to “silence” him simply for being a Trump supporter…

Now, the hardcore conservative has filed a $25million federal suit against the City of Long Beach, the chief of police, the city manager and a raft of police officers after officials ordered him to remove the paraphernalia on his cars.

The town appears to be misconstruing a law to prevent a resident from flying flags, both Americans and Trump variety, from his car.

There is one ordinance that says residents cannot erect signs within the “perimeter of any… public street.”

That seems to be a big stretch to claim a man’s car is “erecting” a sign on the street, considering it is moving.

Wasserman claims they are trying to suppress his free speech, all because he is an unapologetic conservative and Trump supporter.

So, he is suing the city for $25 million.

Some might say the man should just move to a pro-Trump town. Why should he? Long Beach is just as much America as anywhere else, right?

Does the First Amendment cease to exist on the roads of Long Beach? Should Americans give up their rights just because of a local ordinance?

Not every Trump supporter is as bold as Wasserman. But if they come for him and his car, they can come for anyone else.

How long before they try to take away your flags from your homes? What about a Trump hat or shirt?

Where does it end?

Source: The Sun


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