After California Scoffed At Trump’s Wildfire Plan – The Golden State Spends $500 Million To Follow It

When will the left learn that Donald Trump’s ideas are the best ideas?

When Trump was in office, Democrats always harshly criticized his plans. They slammed his approach to trade, immigration, even the vaccine.

But what do you know—he was always proven right!

A few years ago, Trump suggested a plan to help California’s near-yearly forest fires. The Dems who ran the state laughed at him.

Oh, but now they are spending $500 million… to do exactly what he said they should.

From Daily Mail:

California is adopting former Donald Trump’s plan to thin out the state’s 33 million acres of forests with controlled burns and raking the woodland floor – after state officials essentially laughed off the former president’s idea a few years ago…

Now, California is putting Trump’s plan into practice statewide as groups of 12-person crews set about a $500 million effort to thin the state’s forests with controlled burns and sweeping the forest floors of pines, redwoods and firs, according to a recent Bloomberg report.

The reason many think California suffers yearly from devastating forest fires is because braindead hippies long ago outlawed measures to prune back their overgrown woodlands.

That has likely contributed to such terrible fires that lives and homes are at risk every year.

But in the same forest system in Canada… nothing. No fires. No worries. That’s because they actually work to keep their forests clear of the dead foliage and wood that so easily catches fire.

Trump threatened to withhold federal aid unless California started to do the same. Democrats were furious at the president and refused.

But look, only a few months since Trump left office and California is spending millions to clear its forests.

They will be paying 12-person crews to use controlled burns to clear away debris. They will also cut down trees to ensure the forests aren’t powder-kegs, ready to explode.

Naturally, the hippies will riot. They aren’t the ones forced to flee their homes as fires rage across the state. And they aren’t the ones forced to pick up the pieces every year, after fires decimate the state’s natural resources.

It seems somebody in the state government had brains enough to push this idea. Too bad they waited so long. This could have been going on for decades.

Do you think Trump was right all along?

Source: Daily Mail


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