After Biden Skips Weekly Phone Calls – He Dares To Put Disgraced Democrat Governor Cuomo In Charge

Uh-oh! Looks like Biden and Harris just got into trouble.

Back at the start of the 2020 crisis, VP Pence held crucial weekly calls with all 50 governors. Often, President Trump himself spoke directly to state leaders.

But a new report shows the Democrat’s dream team is slacking off.

From Real Clear Politics:

The phone calls come from inside the new administration, but the president is not on the line. In fact, Joe Biden has not dialed in to any of the weekly COVID-19 coordinating calls with the nation’s governors since he came into office, a sharp contrast with his predecessor and a break from last year’s pandemic ritual.

Yep, the man who is so worried about the pandemic that he frequently complains about it, can’t even get on important phone calls. But guess who he’s picked to lead them in his place? No, this ain’t the Onion or Babylon Bee you’re about to read.

From Washington Examiner:

Andrew Cuomo now leads weekly COVID-19 advisory calls with the nation’s governors, prompting some state leaders to express a “real frustration” with the absence of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris on the other line.

You read that right. The man under intense fire for his crisis response is now leading the White House’s coordination with the rest of the country.

Is Joe Biden an idiot? Does he even think before he makes decisions (if he makes them at all)?

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