After Biden Proposes Anti-2nd Amendment Rule – 48 Senators Pull The Rug Out On Joe, Claim It’s Confiscation

Joe Biden has made it his top goal of eroding our 2nd Amendment.

His demand that Congress pass sweeping gun control isn’t coming together. They might not be able to pass anything quick enough.

So, the Democrat is trying to come up with other ways around our Constitution.

His ATF just proposed a rule that would ban an accessory that allows disabled Americans to defend themselves.

So, a large group of Republican senators is striking back.

From Daily Wire:

The senators warned in a letter that the move by the Biden administration would force millions of Americans to have to either pay a $200 tax on pistols that feature a stabilizing brace, spend even more money converting the pistol into a rifle, destroy the weapon, or turn the weapon over to the Biden administration…

“The impetus for the manufacture of stabilizing braces was to assist disabled combat veterans in shooting large pistol platforms that were otherwise too cumbersome for a disabled shooter to use,” the letter continued.

Biden’s administration is trying to outlaw a brace the ATF had previously approved. They ruled this brace, which is used by disabled veterans, did not turn it into a short-barreled rifle.

Now, the federal government is trying to pass new rules that are contradicting its prior decision.

Republicans are striking back, exposing just how abusive this new rule would be.

If Americans don’t spend $200 on a tax, modify their gun, or hand it over to the government–they could face serious penalties.

How serious. You won’t believe this.

They could face 10 years in prison.

Is Joe Biden out of his mind? His head of the ATF certainly is.

Senate Republicans are blasting Biden’s attempt at clearly disarming Americans. They point out that it does little to stop criminals who seek to commit crimes.

Instead, it will prevent disabled Americans from defending themselves.

We all know that Democrats like Joe Biden hate the 2nd Amendment. But the lengths they are going to disarm Americans is unbelievable.

The only thing stopping him, though, are Republicans brave enough to fight.

Source: Daily Wire


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