After Biden Goes Weak Against Red China – Florida’s Ron DeSantis Signs Two Bills To Stop Their Influence

When Donald Trump was in the White House, we had an advocate against our global competitor, China.

He hammered the nation with tariffs, so our companies could compete and thrive.

But today, we have a man in office with a sketchy history with China. And despite what Biden says, he doesn’t seem to be doing much to oppose China’s growing influence.

That doesn’t mean other American leaders are going to sit back and let China walk all over us.

Up-and-coming conservative star Ron DeSantis has just signed bills that bring the heat to the communist regime.

From Daily Wire:

DeSantis signed two bills at a press conference on Monday that aimed to stop the spread of foreign influence in the state and to strengthen penalties against those convicted of espionage. DeSantis also gave a fiery speech… where he lambasted China and called them an “adversary,” something Biden has refused to do.

While Joe Biden sits around and lets China eat our lunch, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis is fighting back.

He signed two bills that confront China’s rising influence in America.

The first bill seeks to prevent foreign influence in the state of Florida. That includes grants or contracts from foreign investors.

It’s common for China to secure influence over companies, schools, even government-affiliated groups through grants and other investments.

The second bill seeks to strengthen penalties against people convicted of espionage.

Sounds far-fetched that anyone in the United States would spy for China? You might have forgotten that a California representative, named Eric Swalwell, was easily taken in by a Chinese spy named Christine Fang.

If it worked there, why wouldn’t it work in Miami or anywhere else?

The bill makes certain forms of minor espionage a third-degree felony, with 5 years in jail. Anyone selling stolen “trade secrets” in Florida can face 15 years in prison.

It’s clear that DeSantis is not messing around. As Democrats play footsie with a dangerous communist regime, at least one Republican is taking the fight to China.

This move might inspire other Republicans to pass similar bills in their own homes. Hopefully, more leaders will wake up to the influence China is trying to wield over our country.

It’s not like we can count on Biden doing much.

Do you support DeSantis standing up to China?

Source: Daily Wire

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