After Biden Fires 2 Former Trump Aides – They Fire Back At Joe For Pulling An “Illegal” Power Play With Major Lawsuit

Since the beginning of the year, Joe Biden has watched his approval among Americans drop. Today, most polls have it in the low 40s or even 30s. So, what has Biden done to remedy this crisis?

The same thing he’s done for every other crisis he started: nothing.

But it seems he tried to regain respect from at least the liberal media by firing former Trump aides who served on military academy boards. Although they were allowed by law to serve the full term, the White House demanded they resign.

Two of Trump’s allies, however, are refusing to back down. From the Washington Examiner:

Two former top aides to former President Donald Trump have sued President Joe Biden over his “illegal” power play to fire them from key military academy boards…

Former Trump spokesman Sean Spicer and budget chief Russ Vought said in court documents shared with Secrets that the White House does not have any authority over the boards, arguing the law states that members leave only when their three-year term is up, they resign, or they die.

Sean Spicer and Russ Vought, two former Trump aides, are suing Joe Biden for kicking them off of military academy boards. They are accusing Biden of trying an “illegal partisan power-grab.” The two say Biden is “breaking longstanding bipartisan norms and traditions.”

According to their lawsuit, appointees to military academy boards are allowed to serve the full three-year term. The only thing that would stop that is if they resign or pass. That has been the norm, even in previous administrations.

But it seems Biden is simply pulling a move to either spit Trump or win some brownie points from the liberal media.

Biden has failed tremendously on nearly everything he’s tried to do. His vaccine rollout has flopped. He created massive inflation and a worker shortage. He opened the border, creating an ongoing crisis. And he let the Taliban take over Afghanistan.

This move to pull Trump’s people off of these boards looks like a pathetic attempt to look good in front of liberals. But it violates historical norms and—Spice claims—the law.

We’ll have to see how this battle plays out in the courts.

Source: Washington Examiner

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