43 Senators Just Gave Biden A Direct Order – They Demand The President Pull The Rug Out From Iran Negotiations

Americans have been forced to watch as one of our closest allies has been bombarded all week long.

Palestinians have been firing 1000s of rockets at Israel. The growing conflict appears to be getting worse.

Meanwhile, our government seems unwilling to actually step in and help restore peace.

Word is, though, that old enemy Iran might be playing a role in the current situation. What is Biden going to do?

Well, if 43 senators have their way, he’ll hold Iran accountable.

From Daily Wire:

Dozens of U.S. senators demanded that President Joe Biden immediately stop negotiating with Iran… after Iranian-backed terrorists have launched countless attacks against Israel this week…

“We call on you to immediately end negotiations with Iran, and make clear that sanctions relief will not be provided. Doing so would demonstrate a firm commitment to our closest ally in the region and to our own security interests.”

Forty-three senators have written to Biden, demanding him to end negotiations with Iran.

During the Trump administration, the rogue nation was kept in check thanks to strong sanctions.

Trump ended the “Iran Nuclear Deal” and the region enjoyed a period of peace.

But it seems like our enemies think Biden is a weakling. Only a few months into his administration and Iran is apparently helping Palestine attack our ally.

How could Joe Biden agree to negotiate with this country, when they pose such a threat?

Biden has signaled that he might resume Obama’s nuclear deal—which would help bring considerable money into Iran’s coffers.

That could only empower the nation to cause more trouble—both for Israel and the rest of the world.

This week has been a painful reminder that Iran and its allies cannot be trusted. You give them an inch, the bomb a country.

These senators are putting their names on the line to demand Joe do the right thing.

But will he? Biden has historically been a supporter of Israel. These days? He might have more in common with radicals like Ilhan Omar, who appear to hate the Jewish State.

Source: Daily Wire

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