23 States Just Sued President Biden – They Want To Force Joe To Reinstate The Canceled Keystone XL Pipeline

One of the most idiotic decisions Biden made after entering office was to cancel the Keystone XL Pipeline.

There was no clear environmental reason for this move. Much work had already been done to ensure the project was safe.

It seems Biden was more interested in appeasing globalists, who hate the fact that America was energy dominant.

But the project might not be dead. Because twenty-three states are suing to save it.

From The Western Journal:

Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen announced that two more attorneys general, Alaska’s Treg Taylor and Florida’s Ashley Moody, had joined the lawsuit declaring President Joe Biden’s executive order revoking the pipeline’s permit unconstitutional.

That brings the total number of states represented in the lawsuit, which seeks to resurrect the project, to 23.

Twenty-three state attorneys general are suing the Biden administration over the cancelation of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

They are arguing that the move to end the project was unconstitutional.

Biden used some convenient excuses for ending the project. But according to some experts, once the project had been approved by a previous president, Biden might not have the authority to revoke it the way he did.

They are arguing that only Congress has the power to regulate “foreign and interstate commerce.” A president could only delay a project over review concerns, not outright ban it.

And because Trump had already green-lit the project, Biden might have been breaking the law.

This lawsuit has grown since it was first announced. Now, 23 states are fighting to bring back this project and the thousands of jobs associated with it.

It will bring plenty of wealth to both the United States and Canada. But it seems Biden is more concerned with enriching Russia, when he okayed their pipeline from Germany.

Does Biden even care about the well-being of Americans? It’s hard to say, considering everything he does benefits everyone but Americans.

We’ll be following this lawsuit very closely.

Source: The Western Journal

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