2024 Winner Is ‘Obvious’ Says Clinton Aide Morris – Based On Biden’s Performance, Victory Is Going To Trump

It’s only been six months since Biden’s entered office, but it’s clear he’s in big trouble.

Already, people are talking about 2024. It seems the next presidential election can’t get here fast enough.

Political experts have been speculating on what the match-up will look like. And some wonder if Biden will even run, let alone have any chance of winning.

But one former Clinton political aide has just given his opinion. He says Biden’s finished. The real shock is who he used to work for.

From Western Journal:

To hear a famous former Bill Clinton aide tell it, the results of the 2024 presidential election are practically “preordained”…

That at least is the comforting forecast from Dick Morris, the pollster and campaign strategist who helped guide Clinton’s re-election campaign in 1996…

“If Donald Trump runs, and I’m pretty certain that he will, he is going to win the Republican nomination, period,” Morris said in a video posted to his website on Thursday.

Former Democratic pollster for Bill Clinton is predicting what 2024 will shape up to be.

Dick Morris, who helped get Clinton re-elected in 1996, is now saying Donald Trump will easily win the Republican primary.

And, if he goes on to face the Democrats in the general election, he will dominate.

Morris claimed that the Democratic Party is “destroying itself” and that any Republican who runs will win.

It’s not hard to see why he is predicting this. Democrats gained a slight majority coming into this year.

What did they do with that advantage? Work with Republicans? Listening to Americans’ concerns? Lead with conviction and honesty?


They burned every bridge they could, pushing radical spending measures that have crippled our recovery.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is bumbling around like an idiot, whispering to reporters like some creepy uncle.

Americans who voted for him are trying to stick their heads in the sand ignoring it. But the rest of the country isn’t.

The first big battle comes next year, during the 2022 midterms. After that, it’s an all-out rush to the presidential election.

We’ll see what happens.

Do you think Trump will run for President—and win?

Source: The Western Journal

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