Wisconsin Could Decertify 2020 Presidential Election Before Arizona

OANN confirms the ongoing investigation:

The Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC) knowingly and intentionally violated the State’s election laws and instructed subordinate election officials to do the same, according to the Racine County Sheriff, Christopher Schmaling. In a shocking press conference on Thursday, law enforcement officials from the Racine County Sheriff’s Office laid out their case of election fraud in Racine during the 2020 election. The investigation focused on abuse of voters confined to nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Investigators discovered that Wisconsin Election Officials expressly discussed that their proposed conduct for the 2020 election would violate state law, and yet they decided to do it anyway. They memorialized their decision in a letter they wrote and disseminated to every single county clerk’s office in Wisconsin.

Sheriff Schamling stated that officials indicated that they “needed the flexibility to violate the law,” and that they needed to “instruct county clerks to break the law.” Despite the blatant absurdity of the statements, the express illegality of their activities, and the fact that they were all being recorded on their Zoom meeting, election officials went ahead and violated the law anyway. The sheriff’s office played the video from the Zoom meeting of the commissioners discussing their need to break the law and instruct others to do the same. Couple that with the confirmed activities that actually occurred during the 2020 election, and Sheriff Schamling has a very compelling case of election fraud.

Specifically, the letter from WEC instructed county officials to not allow Special Voting Deputies into nursing homes. These individuals are trained professionals responsible for ensuring the rights of the nursing home residents. They’re also responsible to ensure the elders are not abused for their voting privileges and that no ballot harvesting or other illegal activity takes place. WEC decided that due to COVID, it was too dangerous for these individuals to enter the facility, despite the fact that Wisconsin state law requires them to be a part of the process. By requiring county clerks to exclude these deputies from the election process, WEC committed election fraud.

State leaders and nursing home administrators thought it was safe enough for the fish tank maintenance worker to enter the facility, Door Dash delivery drivers, vending machine workers, elevator repairmen, bird cage cleaner, and copy machine vendor, but it was too dangerous to allow Special Voting Deputies inside to ensure that no abuses of the rights to the elderly were taking place. It’s a preposterous position to take, but it’s the position WEC took. It’s also a violation of Wisconsin Statute 6.875.

If ballot harvesting indeed took place in Wisconsin, it wouldn’t be the first midwestern state where this happened.

There are accusations of voter fraud in Minneapolis as well.

Specifically, there are allegations against Ilhan Omar.

Video appears to show ballot harvesters being paid $200 for Omar.


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