Wisconsin Could Decertify 2020 Presidential Election Before Arizona

Over the last few months, we’ve been waiting for and watching the Maricopa audit very closely.

While Arizona got the spotlight, many other states have been working quietly behind the scenes.

One of those states is Wisconsin.

And we now have breaking news from sources on the ground that Wisconsin could decertify its election.

In fact, it’s more likely that Wisconsin will decertify before Arizona, if reports are to be believed.

So what happened?

Democrats in Wisconsin were CAUGHT doing ballot harvesting.

Not only is ballot harvesting illegal, it is also one of the main mechanisms for voter fraud.

Local Fox Milwaukee confirmed the ballot harvesting reports:

If these reports are true, Wisconsin would have a solid reason to decertify the 2020 presidential election results.

The accusations are made specifically regarding nursing homes.

It is claimed that thousands of ballots were harvested from nursing homes.

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